Friday, April 18, 2008

Analogue Mice for the Digital Age

Mystical ways for the modern mouse – Well after all that bally-hoo about the web is now, you can’t stop the blog-o-tron, blah blah blah - the line went dead on you…whoops. But fear not, spring has sprung and the mices have been busy. Look out world! Sooner than you might like, you’ll be able to stroll through our fine establishment and gawk and gape at the rare fineries we have on display. Until that day, consider this your magic portal into our tiny lands. One eye closed, both fingers crossed.

Believe it or not – as we unpacked into our new space, an amazing discovery was made. Behind tall stacks of print detritus and mounds of boxam and jetsam, a whole new civilization had sprung into being. A veritable Mice-ean age had begun. Not your average vermin, these mice seem to have developed a civil society that in all aspects (save size) resembles that of our own.

A keen student of observation – Hiram quickly had us pick up pencil and paper to document this world in the hopes that we may learn from it…

Those wacky little fellows sure are busy! Some how watching those little guys do all the same things we do makes me crack up. Ha!

Please help us continue this valuable research by purchasing a set of field drawings, which were later committed to our favored medium of linocut and letterpress type.
Available in limited supplies: 4 views of mices and the things they do. Priced at $20 plus shipping (unless you amble over to the shop that is). Email us to make an order.

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