Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New News

Good new news, everyone! You can stop weeping into your pillows, Isle of Printing is back up and running from our move, like the greasy machine that we are.

We settled into our new place at 624 Ewing about a month ago. While we are still working out some of the kinks and playing Tetris with the type cases, our shop is now open, and so is our storefront (sort of)!
Of course, you can't open a storefront with nothing to sell, so we've been churning out new postery goodness, like this Evening With the Johns poster!
Personally, I think this poster is an extremely bodacious example of letterpress––not only because of Bryce's amazing illustrative SKILLZ, but also because it uses a halftone effect, which is normally a shading style reserved for silkscreening. But, who am I to say? Here's a detail shot so you can see for yourself:
So, in closing, if you wanna know how posters are born, if you want us to be the surrogate birther of the poster in your head, or if you are ready to adopt a poster or t-shirt to fill that void in your life, come on down and see us at ze good ole' I.O.P! 

–Girl Friday Rothenhöfer