Saturday, October 25, 2008

33 views of Mt Fuji

Though I love them all like a good father should, here is the fanciest poster we have made this year. A 7 color reduction linocut and letterpress print to celebrate the world premiere of Trey Anastasio’s “Time Turns Elastic”. Very subtle colors which the web will not do justice. Very exciting stuff...if you happen to like prints.

Signed by the artist Bryce McCloud, Limited edition of 325
I watched most of them go away in two hours and the rest are going fast so get one before they are gone.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There’s more than Klansmen in Indiana!

I don't know what you think of when you imagine southern Indiana, but I think of Evansville and then I think of Klan rallys and then I think about the West Side Nut Club’s annual fall-fest shindig (amazing) and lastly I think about pork tenderloin sandwiches. If I am unlucky, I think about brain sandwiches and tucked in sweatshirts and getting stuck in southern Indiana forever. What I don't think of ever is modern architecture, utopian societies, or golf carts riding around on city streets. BUT, I will now since I have been to New Harmony. Literally in the middle of nowhere, New Harmony started as all great endeavors do with a group of crazed German cult members. They say they just wanted some peace and quiet... I say when your crazy - all signs point to southern Indiana. At any rate they were convinced that the end of times was near at hand and that they would get busy living a simple life full of productive work, which did not include sex or procreation. Thus quickly ended the experiment of the Harmonist and after much lauded toil they moved to Pennsylvania.

And as a side note I really think that all members of fringe movements should give a hard look into the fine example of the harmonist life strategy and consider sparing your children the misery of having cult members for parents. After all isn't being exceptionally unique enough? Why go messing it all up by trying to raise children at the same time?

Luckily for the future of New Harmony fresh money arrived on the scene and bought the place up. Indiana strikes me as a bizarre place for a lot of reasons, but number one on the list is that there seem to be an inordinate amount of extremely wealthy people there. Or at least they spend their moneys there. I thought rich people went to Monaco or a Greek island...but apparently when they are not floating on the Mediterranean they are in Indiana? Money makes things happen and so when the $ came to town so did a lot of smart people. Making New Harmony very unlike any small town you or I have probably ever seen. Town opera hall? got one. Modern architecture? check! as many sculptures as town inhabitants? done!... All towns wax and wane but this little place keeps chugging along in a very peculiarly worldly manner. It is full of really neat architecture and draws folks to it in a non Hicksville usa sort of way. Yes New Harmony is a fantastic little place.

Schwinn bikes and golf carts seem to be the predominate way to get around town. Shhh don't tell any thieves but I bet they all leave their doors unlocked too.

If you get there try the pizza at the Mill Mart gas station...pretty good for $8 gas station cuisine (all toppings no extra charge) and make sure to support the coffee shop cause they are nice folks.
and personally I think we should all petition for the reopening of the bar Sass and Poss.

truth be told I bet there are far worse fates than getting marooned in a place like New Harmony. Just ask my buddies who live there

PS . Everyone in Indiana is in a secret society so mum’s the word on our little investigation of the delights of southern Indiana if you know what’s good for you.