Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moto-heaven is heaven

I can tell you from honest experience that LOOKING at motorcycles is infinitely easier to do than actually OWNING motorcycles. In a similar vein, advertisers have long known that dull things look better with motorcycles hanging around. Where you and I fall along the continuum I’ll let you decide for yourself.

But one thing I can say for sure is that it is too late for us at Isle of Printing! We are obsessed with motorcycles!!!…looking, touching, riding and if the gods smile on us - making pictures all about motorcycles.

Which reminds me of a most usual and seldom told story about the origins of the shop from whence I type. Imagine with me if you will a hot afternoon some years ago. On this hot day a youngish Hiram Kneesch developed the most awful pain in his head, the likes of which he had never experienced. Delirious, he stumbled down to the chemist. Though all the usual suspects were bought and consumed, no respite did he receive. In immense pain and not knowing what to do next, he lay down in the street and determined to let fate take the reins. Predictably a few near misses with autos ensued. Less predictably a churlish little man appeared right above our protagonist. Shaded by the interloper, Hiram sat up and told the fellow his plight.

After a moment of consideration, the old boy said well I’ve got the answer but your going to have to trust me. As oft is the case with folks these days, Hiram was willing to take a few liberties in the safety department with the hopes of a quick remedied. So when the gent pulled out a small ax and made intimations to take a whack at Hiram’s pate…well Hiram remained sanguine. And wouldn’t you know it
The street surgeon did just that. Whack! One fine chop and the stranger split open Hiram’s skull! And rather than being worse off than before or dead Hiram felt great.

But here is the interesting part for today

As fate would have it when Hiram’s head was cracked open to relieve his ache both a British motorcycle and a printing press sprang forth. Not the first British motorcycle in the world, nor the first press but 2 very nice examples of both items. And as you can guess Hiram was destined to love both equally for all time.

And eventually be slave to them both

So you can imagine how superb it is for us that every year Isle of Printing is asked to make a poster for the Nashville TonUp club, a club specializing in the love of British motorcycles.

Witness below the fifth in a continuing series of prints to celebrate loving to look at and ride the motorcycle. For all of its flaws and all of it favors. Dullards you can make your life look 10000 times better than it is and bike lovers help us afford our continuing addiction

At the moment extremely limited supplies of the gem (less than 20) and the second part of the run to be completed at some future date

$40 for the first run and no back talk when you waited too long and you get the second batch 6 years from now.