Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fancy threads for the Forward Thinking Fellas and Fellettes of this world

Who wears t-shirt anymore? Oh wait everyone does! Well the summer is fast approaching me buckoos. And if I may be so bold to suggest…soon decisions will be made with or without you. Before you know it your chest-of-drawers will once again be filled to capacity with this year’s round of “I know Jack Schitt” and “Big Dog” novel-tees. No doubt you will again find yourself in the unenviable position of being forced to wear your hasty decisions like last night's hangover ALL SUMMER LONG. Shocking? No! Preventable? ABSOLUTLEY!

Take the bull by the horns folks and chose Original Art shirts that almost NOBODY else in the world has. Help us by helping yourself. Say no to Property of Old Navy and yes to the fashion future! Make washday fun and every ride on the bus a memorable one for those around you. My friends don’t let your chest be a billboard… make it a global tool for change.

Here are 3 ideas, which we at Isle of Printing have found are not getting the play we think they definitely deserve.

Try Democracy or Else

We are offering these classy shirts about Modern democracy here at our shop until the Department of Defense tools up to distribute these to our friends (and future allies) all around the world.

Available in white with blue accents double sided

The Scientific Method It’s for Me

The fact that I can type on a computer and post these words on something other than the Town log makes me a proud supporter of the scientific method and what it has to offer us now and in the future. Go rational thought!

Lad's sold out | Women's only for now green in style shown

Art Rocks!

If you like modern art …odds are you really like football too! And if you are like me, you are really tired of having to switch in and out of you opera gown and team jersey and/or even worse forgetting which outfit goes with which event! We say fix that mess and fix it fast! Support the two most important secular event in your life at once with this simple expression of the way you feel.

Did I drop my art on your sports event? Or did your sports event drop into my art? Now you don’t even have to care Go ART Rah rah rah!

Ladies: Blue capped sleeves L, M in all sizes except Small (white,yellow and blue)

Because these shirts are in such hot demand sizing is semi sporadic at this point. We’ll do our best to find your size but don’t throw a brick through our window if you missed the gravy train already. Don’t wait around or they will be gone…possibly forever. Printed with love on those trendy American apparel and Alternative apparel shirts all the kids love. Super soft and not cut like a feed sack. Size up if you're unsure.

Price $20 plus shipping
please include size, Men's/Women's and color preference (if available)

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