Thursday, April 24, 2008

Johnny Cash Memorial Blvd.

My right hand man Bryce is from just down the road in Hendersonville, Tenn. Johnny Cash wasn’t born there, but he made it is his home and eventually left this world from that same soil.

We here at Isle of Printing think Ole JC was a pretty good ambassador for our neck of the woods. Like a lot of folks, he grew up a little rough around the edges, made mistakes, but kept at it. Through his persistence and faith in purer things, he gave us all a little glimpse at wisdom in the shape of simplicity.

Even though the record biz seems to do a pretty good job at supplying the world with a never-ending supply of Johnny Cash ephemera. We thought we would try for a hometown tribute to a hometown hero.

The second in our series of 52 Pennants celebrating things we feel are worthy to make pennant about.


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