Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If it happens…and there is electricity - you can feel it now, even though it is later

When the world is your oyster and people pay their good money to hear you sing your songs…what do you suppose you might chose to wear on stage? Well if you are a smart lady like Kathleen Edwards you would pick out something that makes a city proud to be what it is. From the photos we received recently, I reckon Ms. Edwards thinks Nashville is one hot chicken!

We at Isle of Printing are proud of our city too. A big slice of our pride radiates from the good things, which make Nashville unlike any other place in this world. Hot Chicken is a unique local something we can get behind. Go hot chicken go! Go local business Go!

Maybe it isn’t the same sort of joy that comes from watching little kids sweep the floor when they still think sweeping is fun, but when a Canadian gal goes to a local store and buys a local piece of art and wears it with pride – we do a little jig...and maybe an angel gets their wings.

But of course most importantly, we are all finding out that the eyes and ears of our ever-vigilant Isle of Printing Committee for the Advancement of Electrosports Communiqués are there to document most everything - so that you can enjoy it here, later.

Thanks Kathleen Edwards for being cool!
Thanks Mr. Williams for doing your civic duty!

electrosports is a 24 hour a day mission

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