Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ride the Electric Warhorse

Whoa Friends...the night guard must have been sleeping?!

Somehow I fell on board the post-able webcontent bandwagon without even a whimper from the grammar police.
Well, they'll rue the day.

Any rate I would like to welcome you to the most modern and most recently updated part of the little hovel I like to call my website ( Seems like making my website anew is akin to creating a mountain out of bouncy balls. Luckily folks smarter than me have made things such as this web-blog possible. So until I get smarter or someone feels compelled to make it better for me, I will use this fine medium as my semi-web-update stand in. News, events, late nite ramblings...expect only the best here on my island of joy.

Actually I am really happy to be doing this... sure it is no jumbotron in times square, but I am truly amazed that these words will instantly be available in most corners of the world. As such I will try not to misuse my new found powers. Wish us all luck as we bravely step into this new year order.

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