Friday, December 21, 2012

Nashville...and the world - congratulations you didn't get canceled Today 12-21-12

Someone asked me what's all this "As Seen on Nashville on TV" nonsense about the other day.

Well really they said, "Hey that's great why are you doing it?"

And I said, "Isn't it obvious?" And we both laughed!

But actually I think I gave a really long winded answer about public art and perception of self and ownership of ideas.  And then I really went on a long time about what it means to be aware of a moment happening in the moment.  And what that does to the moment.

And then I started talking about all the attention our city is getting and how it is changing so quickly and that we have to treasure the parts that make us unique and special as a people.

It is pretty fun to see your city in a semi made up way on tv.  Since I didn't make the story up - it seems sort of like a dream I might have of a familiar land that isn't quite how I remember it.   Though instead of Hayden Panettiere in it - it  would be my Mom or someone I haven't seen in a long time since high school.

But I digress...

As seen on Nashville!!!!
Hot damn
We made these prints so that they could be used!


Today we stopped by a few places here in Nashville that have actually been seen on Nashville the show to give them they're real prize of fame!

Our Print

It felt good to bestow our print that commemorated the event upon the people that are Nashvillians.  It really makes  the whole experience complete in my mind.

Reality to fiction to film to post production to the airwaves to my mind's reality back to shared physical reality again!  When folks started making prints to convey ideas across space and time this all would have seemed like pure fantasy to them!

And now we bring it back into this other intra-space that we all time travel on together
What a crazy world!!!!

I'm happy it is still turning
And I'm glad we have something to smile about as a group

Let us know ...if you know of a place that has been seen on Nashville and we'll try to get over there to properly celebrate.

And of course don't hesitate to pick up your own copy!  These projects are funded directly through your support.

Power to the people!

Your humble servants at Isle of Printing.


paulalanr said...

Do you guys still have these prints around? How could I get one?

paulalanr said...

Do you guys still have these? How could I get one?

Hiram Kneesch said...

yes you can get these - visit out etsy site to see that and more