Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's get together and have some fun

We like to think that if we are honest and our hearts are true - when the bow of creativity is bent back and our eyes are fixed on the prize.... That goodness will spring forth like a deer bounding through the woods and the sky will smile down on our creations. And heaven will dance in the embrace of love.

Or you might say

Into every box of cereal you reach, we hope you find a prize.

Often life is a puzzle and you must struggle to find the gem of day.  So hard to do.  Why couldn't it be easier?

Today we hope that we can make it a little easier for you - with a few pieces of paper you
(we) can be clever enough to put a little zip in your zing.

That's it!!! Tell me more chippie!

3 posters that merge in to one. Three parts that make a whole!  Bird into man, man on paper, birds made from space. Space defining matter.....One becomes all.....

Pleasing both in a cosmological sense AND reading high on the gee whiz scale.
14th century technology living it up with the best of the 21st century
Electric lights
Rock and roll
Movie stars

That's some crazy stuff!!!!

but wait check this out 

Each part (poster) was conceived to thrive on its  own when necessary but like a lot things in life it only gets better when you find a few friends to share the party with......

Someday perhaps we'll lay down the microscopic biopic details of how this puzzle got from here to yonder but until then check out this lovely short film by Leigh Jurecka that does a stellar job of telling the tale In moving pictures. Which I do hear the kids love these days. 

A few final thoughts:

#1 Yes each black print was letterpressed twice with silver and silver blue ink
    #1a. Everything went through a press and was touched at least once probably 50 times!

#2 Two of the three prints were cut only by a laser (a laser!) connected to a computer which was 
    connected to my paper sketch pad!!!!

#3 This was a collaboration between Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing. It was          a lot of fun - (try it sometime!)

#4  All stunts were performed by the actors (and Bryce IS available as a hand model)

#5 150 of each poster will be available over two days and nights at 3rd man records and the Ryman            Auditorium (which means 75 of each design today)

#6  Though inferred from reality no poster presented claims to really be a peacock, vulture, or musician
     #6a. It takes a tough man to give a tender forecast......

#7 Time is short - be good to those around you and choose love over greed whenever life gives you the      choice. 

more info here at Jack White's website

Many thanks to Jack White, Matthew Jacobson (co designer), the fine folks at Third Man Records, and everyone else in this world who actively support bringing novelty into our lives as a testament that the simple joys available in art and music CAN make our lives 1000 times better than they were before.(*)

Enjoy the show
Your humble servant
Hiram Kneesch

ps Take that Portlandia!

*my current entry for 2012's longest useful run on sentence


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