Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a step in another direction

Hey there space fans!

I've been thinking about this space, which we have generated surreptitiously to fill in with our dawdling thoughts, as a more important aspect of our doings than I might have originally given it credit.

Making things is complicated.  But surely an important aspect of making things is the thinking that goes into the making.  

We have spoken about things we are creating and things you might consider buying to help us continue to make things, but I don't believe we have really given much air to the ideas beyond the objects made.

Which is to say....
Art is importantly connect to life and living - and as such life guides the art into being.

I am always awed when I see things made for such pure reasons as to fashion a personal vision into being.  Serving the makers first but in the purity of the making bettering us all.

A simple concept that is a very hard trail to follow through life.

Is art the act of living well?

Here is a video which rang true to me.

Living In A Geodesic Dome Home

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