Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Riddle me this revelry-makers...

What weighs 3500lbs, is covered with 75 years of oil and automatically feeds itself?

Our newest press!

Every year around January 1 millions of people resolve to lose weight and do more with their lives.  We salute you fine (if unoriginal) folks for making that pledge.  But here at the Isle of Printing - we decide to buck the trend by doing less and cumulatively weighing more*!  After all this is the 21st century right?  If a press wants to feed itself paper... why not let it?  If a press decides to print that paper and stack it up in a neat pile...who are we to say no?  We don't hate robots here AND we love letterpresses - so why not plug a press into the wall and do a little jig as it rocks back and forth?

WE SAY YES to the Kluge! (that's Kluge like a lugee - not like fudge or luge)

The Kluge Automatic job press - if you think 1901 is modern - then you will be surprised with what the future has in store for you in letterpress technology! 

Old doc Kluge is not quite ready for duty yet but he's looking pretty good for an old iron beast (and former largess paper weight). 

Many more chapters of this saga are still to come.  Slanderers beware.  Children with curious fingers beware.  Stacks of loose paper beware! 

Rub a dub we are fixing you up!
Happy 2011

H Kneesch

*as a print shop with an auto-feeding letterpress


Leiflet said...

All right! IOP is back with a blog about an eighteenth century press made out of wrought iron! Consider me tickled.


Amy Fleischer said...

Welcome to the family, Doc Kluge!

Hiram Kneesch said...

Hey you all I saw these comments way late! thanks - we are setting the press up in the space right now. I share a space with a true Kluge master. Can't wait to run through big stack of paper!!!!!

parnelli said...

Brings back some memories! My family ran a small country weekly with a small offset/hot type job shop when I was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.

You got a snapper? Used to live in mortal terror of that thing...just knew I was going to lose my right hand pushing it to 8 while printing funeral folders!

Hiram Kneesch said...

I am always worried I'll peer too far into the press and then whammo! gotta keep your wits about your playing with old machines.