Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Process of chocolate

If you haven’t tried Olive and Sinclair’s chocolate yet here in Nashville you really should. Over the last two years we have had to do a lot of “product research” as we worked on creating packaging befitting such an awesome local product.
Here are a few shots of the process:

Early sketches as we worked on creating the original wrapper designs – Since eating chocolate is pretty fun we tried to convey that same feeling in the artwork.

Possibly the first incarnation of the design

Working out the details

Early color version

One of the final team effort production versions based on our art

A few shots of the hand printed boxes we helped design for O & S to use as both packaging and display. In the spirit of multiple reuses - the boxes will soon feature prints on the bottom of the boxes to keep after all the chocolate has been sold.
More to see soon! Check out the O&S website and blog here

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