Friday, December 11, 2009

Art and Chocolate coming crashing together

Perhaps better than peanut butter and chocolate combining.......



Chocolate…we all love it, but once you eat it, it’s gone. WHAT A DRAG!

Art prints…great to look at day after day but please don’t eat them!

Alas………..if only they could be put together in some sort of union - blending their strengths into a perfect medley of giving.

Well what if we said you could!

From the makers of REALLY AMAZING chocolate at Olive and Sinclair (new local chocolatiers) and the deft little hands of the letterpress boys of Isle of Printing (printers to the stars), comes the solution to the age-old saw of having your cake and eating it, too.

That is right friends, teaming up for yet another interesting collaboration together, O.S. and I.O.P. give you the Chocolart Collectable Art print Chocolate bar. Which is quite simply a REALLY AMAZING bar of HANDCRAFTED Chocolate wrapped in what we hope to be an equally interesting hand-carved and printed COLLECTORS’ art print.

FINALLY you can give the sublime yet transient gift of chocolate but still have the staying power of a good solid piece of art.

We hope you agree with us that it might be one of the more perfect gifts to give someone you really like. Chocolate and art together? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now we have 1lb bars available with 3 different collectors’ prints to choose from

All 1lb bars are the original 67% coco bars.

The Smaller 2.75 oz bars are available with the first of the Straight Talk Series Art Prints.: “HOLD FAST”
We will have this bar available in the flavors: Coffee bean, 67% coco, and Sea Salt

1lb Bars with print are $30 each
2.75oz Bars are $10 each

Pre-holiday supplies will be limited so get you’re orders in quick! First come, first served!

For delivery by the 24th we will need to have your order in by 9AM on Dec 15th Orders will be shipped on the 21st or available for pick up at the shop in Nashville. Other orders are welcome too!

please email us at info(at) with your orders and questions/comments

We look forward to hearing from you. And please check out the website and blog for other recently added art prints which are all available right now for fast holiday shipping!

Many Thanks from your Friends at Isle of Printing

Hiram Kneesch

2.75oz Hold Fast Bar

Lady Biker 1lb Bar

Biker Dude 1lb Bar

Much Obliged 1lb Bar

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